Anderson Parcel Pickup Center

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1340 Water St.
Port Huron, MI
USA 48060

Phone: (810) 966-8339

Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm

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Anderson Parcel Pickup Center

About Anderson PPC

Anderson Parcel Pickup Center is your United States address. We work much like a Post Office box. You have your packages shipped to our center and can pick them up at your convenience for a small fee. We are located in Port Huron, Michigan, near the Blue Water Bridge to Ontario, Canada. Residents in Ontario ordering products that only ship to the United States can drive across the bridge and pick them up. Larger freight can avoid brokerage fees at the border. Maybe you just want to order a present for a special someone and don't want the surprise ruined by your mail carrier. Have it delivered to us and we'll hold it here until you are ready for it.

Shipping to Anderson PPC

Before the parcels are due to arrive, please notify us via email or phone about your incoming shipment. Provide us with your name, phone, and email. As each parcel arrives we will send you notification of arrival. Have your package delivered to our address with your name.

Your Name C/O AndersonPPC
1340 Water St
Port Huron, MI 48060

We accept anything that a shipping company will send. Standard weight limit is 150lbs, or $10 per hundred pound pallet. No flammable material or gases. No more than 200LBS without prior approval.

Receiving my packages

We charge a service fee of $4 per parcel and accept most major credit cards, American currency, Canadian currency and most debit cards. We cannot break bills over $50. We require a valid photo ID for identification and security purposes.

Can I have someone else pick up my package?

Yes, whoever is sent to pick up the package will need their photo ID and a copy of your photo ID along with a brief note (with your signature) from you stating that this person is allowed to pick up your package.

How long will you hold my package?

Any parcel left over 30 days is subject to a $4 per month holding fee.

Four Dollar Flat Rate

Only $4 per parcel! Any parcel left over 30 days is subject to a $4 per month holding fee.

Freight Pallet Terms

Pallets 200LB and under charged at $10 per 100LB weight.

Example: 200LB = $20 charge

Maximum pallet weight allowed is 200LBS, unless prior arrangements are made.

It is the customers responsibility to have their own help to unload/load pallets.

It is also the customers responsibility to make sure that any hauler they use to bring the pallet to us has the capability of putting it into our building.

We Do Not Have Freight Equipment.

If kept over a month, price per pickup is the monthly fee.


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